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Gen 3 Glasscoat

Gen 3 Glasscoat Protection

Our Valeting Team have been professionally trained by Gen-3 Glasscoat, the market-leading Liquid Glass Hardened Ceramic Vehicle Protection system that is approved by 17 motor manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe.

You’ve treated yourself to your new car …. Now treat your car!

As part of the final preparation of your vehicle, before collection, we can apply the Gen-3 Glasscoat exterior and interior protection.

The Gen-3 Glasscoat process offers the opportunity to keep your car in top condition for the length of your ownership. The treated surfaces maintain appearance to give miles of pleasure and retain re-sale value. With Gen-3 Glasscoat you can drive away from the showroom confident in the knowledge that your new car has been prepared to the highest possible standard.

Paintwork Protection

All exterior paintwork is treated with a ceramic coating to enhance shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even the severest winter weather. With a Five Year Guarantee, the glossy water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a superb deep shine.

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Glass Treatment

We carefully remove all pre-delivery coatings from the windscreen and wiper system and treat all windows with Rainshed – a long-lasting, rain repellent. Among other benefits, water blows off car screens at speeds as low as 30mph and on vertical glass water will roll off and leave a virtually spotless surface.

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Care Kit

After we have professionally applied the exterior and interior coatings, we will supply you with the complimentary aftercare kit and register your 5 Year Guarantee to help you with the ongoing care of your new vehicle.

Leather Care Kit

Leather Care Kit

This collection of products is designed to clean and protect your leather correctly and effectively. Leather Master has over 40 years of experience of caring for this wonderful natural material. There is no better way to clean, cherish and protect your new car leather, keeping showroom fresh. Included in the pack are:

Advanced Leather Protector

Effective on bright leather and faux-leather, it reduces colour transfer from fabrics to leather. It also aids easier cleaning.

Leather Care Advice

Leather Master has collected a wealth of useful information on how best to deal with everyday incidents and accidents that can mar the character, feel and appearance of your car leather. Purchase of the kit includes access to Leather Master’s database of leather care advice.

Gentle Cleaner

A mild cleaner for regular use, suited for application to regularly used items such as the driver and passenger seats.

Intense Cleaner

A high-performance cleaner designed for stubborn soiling, some dye transfer and excessive build-up on key contact areas.

Ink Remover Kit

Designed to remove fresh ink and lipstick marks from most leather surfaces. It is most effective on pigmented and semi-aniline surfaces.